New CGPublisher Release

We made another release of CGPublisher today. Some items of note:

New Features:
  • added HTML editing widget for some text entry (used it to edit this diary entry :)
  • visual cues added for DEMO server and HTTPS pages
  • multiple values for the BIC Subject field now supported
  • some fields now reject all-UPPERCASE or all-lowercase input
  • cleanup of stylesheet, and improvements to visual style
  • improvement to form generation (no more field sets with only one field)

Bugs Fixed:
  • logged_in made more robust against strange browsers
  • URL name component generation now uses uppercase chars (though they're lowercased)
  • clean up login_form, including add "forgotten password" link
  • added sorting and pagination to people and publisher listing
  • registration (and other forms) more durable against "back button" users
  • chapter editing in proposals was broken
  • rego doesn't prompt for confusing "publication status" for email address now