CGPublisher Update

We made another release of CGPublisher today. Some items of note:

New Features
Bugs Fixed
  • TemplatedHTML pages can now handle Unicode input
  • Public web sites now render Unicode correctly
  • Fixed some situations where user was incorrectly left using the secure server
  • Fixed label on Create Account page
  • Removed login box from a number of pages where it was unnecessary
  • Fixed being able to create Work Templates
  • Submitted Work Templates sometimes wouldn't appear in the Author's Workspace
  • Fixed Cancel button on edit forms
  • Registration redirect now uses Javascript instead of HTTP redirect
  • Better auto-generation of URL Name Components across the board
  • Introduced the Version Annotation field so Short Description didn't get clobbered all the time
  • Renamed "Actions" to "Workflows" to clear up confusion
  • Help and Feedback are available to unregistered users
  • Automatically transform filenames with invalid chars in them instead of raising an error
... and a whole lot of little tweaks, fixes and general improvements.