CGPublisher Update

We made another release today. Some items of note:

  • Short Description in conference Presentation Type
  • Longer Biography to conference proposal co-author meta-data
  • Exporting of conference registration line items and customers to MYOB
  • Payment report matching export of registration line items
  • more Unicode fixes, of course
  • fixed permissions allowing Contributors on a Work to add other Contributors
  • default presentation language to English
  • include bio information in proposal confirmation page
  • better handling of session timeout
  • don't show batch heading in user search results if not batching
  • require valid email address in help box
  • fix GPG key selection so it uses parent publishers too
  • fix rego view page to check GPG availability


CGPublisher update

Another release of CGPublisher today. Some items of note:

  • more controls to customise behaviour of proposal, paper and registration submission on a per-conference basis
  • currency conversion to $US and Euro in some monetary displays
  • user editing password or username no longer logs them out
  • added hint to user search form regarding signing new users up
  • "Add Publisher Person" wasn't using people's public email addresses when available
  • better handling of multipart email messages coming into the system (ongoing)
  • whole bunch of edge-case handling in the user interface in conference proposal, paper and rego input
  • lots of Unicode bugfixes, of course
  • still more changes to handle browser double-loading of reset-your-password URLs (sigh)
  • don't log people out when they edit their username or password
  • cleaned up the default new Conference HTML change templates
  • no longer display duplicates in the user searching results
  • managers of "parent" publishers have their permissions trickle down to "imprint" Works
  • incoming email messages from unknown addresses are rejected
  • outgoing email signature revamped