CGPublisher Update

We've done some more work on the system recently:

  • added a conference proposals listing format: primary-authors; lists the Proposal ID and primary author's name and email address
  • currency conversions now link to page with the latest rate
  • many user and interface help fields introduced
  • added Short Description to Products
  • conference registration wizard now submits form on progress bar click
  • include thumbnail of book front cover image in Products listing
  • revamped conference notification messages to be a single-part plain-text email
  • allowed conference payment methods may be selected
  • payment instructions for the various methods may now be provided to users
  • conferences may specify a Journal title
  • added emailout on approval, rejection and resubmit request, with reason capture for latter two
  • copy over proposal co-author organisation details to address details in rego
  • lost login form now presents a nicer error when users don't type in either an email address or username (!?)
  • handle unselected Country in proposal co-author
  • password reset email bug again
  • s/accomodation/accommodation where I could
  • errors entering Proposal Authors now always return user to the Author edit form
  • fixed ZGPG test message
  • removed Short Description from Presentation Types in conference (use CGML help / definitiion instead)
  • forgotten login page now ignores case in username and email address
  • rego line items can't be edited after being exported to MYOB
  • rego cancellation policy defined in one place now, not on each rego type
  • added forced session clearing in proposal/rego wizard start

CGPublisher Update

We made another release today. Some items of note:

  • added photo and CV to conference proposal bios
  • fields which have error text are now highlighted as a whole
  • added "other" line item type to registration options - not user-selectable
  • conference registration wizard now skips accommodation and extras panes if there are no relevant options defined
  • country of origin may be captured in proposal entry
  • fixed "cancel" button action when editing a proposal co-author
  • cleaned up some proposal UI confusion
  • simplified the new user greeting page
  • cleaned up form rendering
  • emails sent from CGPublisher always use MessageGateway.from_name instead of the author's name
  • fix password generation
  • CGNonParticipant expanded to CGParticipationStatus (also ensure at least one proposal author is participating)
  • sort rego options correctly in user displays
  • handle ParseErrors in searching the people_catalog better