CGPublisher update

Another CGPublisher system upgrade today:


  • added refund, offset and charge-back line types to Registrations
  • rego confirmation page now quotes information only relevant to the chosen payment method


  • don't show paper submission stuff if the paper system's not open
  • cleaned up the accounting reports / exports page a lot
  • non-required Conference Organiser Stream Selection field now allows no selection
  • changes to proposal wizard to help colloquia
  • many changes and cleaning up in webspace management (users may now request file upload permissions)

CGPublisher Update

We've done some more work on the system recently:

  • PDF invoices for registrations
  • hide a lot of unnecessary fields in conference registration address capture
  • added templating of From: header in conference notifications
  • conferences specify what A/V equipment is available for presentations
  • conferences may attach notes to specific A/V equipment
  • conferences may specify their presentation streams, which are selectable by the authors
  • conference notifications From address set to conference's CGEmailAddress
  • rego invoice BALANCE not right-aligned
  • allowed payment methods widget remembers selections
  • consistent link label to forgotten login page
  • notification email doesn't say "0 minute" for presentation duration
  • password reset request form raise Bad Request on no match
  • display of rego ids in proposals listing
  • fixed cgpublisher front page and links at bottom
  • moved presentation configuration options to the presentations mgmt view
  • prevent removal of all authors of a conference proposal
  • revamped proposal confirmation page and display page layout