CGPublisher Update

We made another release of CGPublisher today. Some items of note:

New Features:

  • New actions to manage Refereeing processes
  • New action to manage Contract Negotiation
  • New action to manage Typesetting
  • New action to manage (Conference) Paper Publication which incudes paper submission, refereeing, contract negotiation and typesetting
  • Added ability to edit and delete Publisher order line items
  • Filtering of registrations on "any" and "cancelled"
  • Public Conferences listing page
  • Replace typographically-correct, yet potentially difficult characters (eg. typographic quotation marks so-called "smart quotes") with more plain ASCII characters
  • Filtering by Publisher possible in workspace

New Hardware Installed

The CGPublisher system is now running on new hardware. The new hardware gives us significant growing space for the future, as we find more and more people interested in using CGPublisher. The systems are:

Dual Opteron 2GHz CPUs, 2GB RAM, 300GB mirrored disk.
Dual Opteron 2GHz CPUs, 2GB RAM, mounts disk from ellis, has 80GB local disk.

As of yesterday, "ellis" is running a Zope Enterprise Objects (ZEO) server with two locally-connected Zope servers. These replace the existing setup on our older machine "bascule" (a dual 500MHz machine with 40GB disk). So far we've not needed to utilise the CPU power in "gaiman", though I've tested it out, and turning it on would be a simple ten-minute job.