CGPublisher upgrade

  • Allow a publisher to finish contract negotiation by supplying some agreement documentation from the author
  • Publisher and Conference People pages now list inherited role assignments
  • Publisher can add people to products who are not currently registered CGPublisher users
  • Lots of improvements in the Paper Publication and Contract Negotiation workflows

CGPublisher update

We made another release of CGPublisher today. Some items of note:

New Features:

  • Use gzip compression for XML downloads if it's available
  • Added a preview button to the webspace diary
  • Moved Diary entries list to a seperate page
  • Diary entries may now have comments
  • Diaries have an RSS feed
  • Removed textCGDescription index from products_catalog
  • Add product search (author, description, title) to sidebar
  • Searching by title on works now searches whole title, not just title without prefix
  • Products are listed in chronological order on the Publisher's webspace (newest first)
  • Simplified personalisation of webspace look
  • A lot of little tweaks to webspace rendering